World's 10 Best Sandwiches


The Francesinha is originally from Porto, and it's basically a boozy, Portuguese take on grilled cheese or a derivation of the French croque monsieur.


Made with a rich bechamel sauce, ham and lots of cheese, it will transport you to a Parisian cafe terrace at first bite.

Meatball Sandwich

They can be made with Italian bread or bread rolls and most commonly include meatballs in tomato and marinara sauce with plenty of melted cheese on top.

Arepa (Colombia, Venezuela)

Arepa technically refers to the cornmeal bread pockets or cakes, but it has also come to mean the sandwich itself - which can be filled or served with whatever you desire. 

Doner Kebab

It is considered fast food, the meat used to make doner kebabs is actually roasted on an inverted rotisserie next to a vertical cooking device.


Mollete is a typical open-faced sandwich with refried beans and cheese. It also often comes with fresh pico de gallo and sliced jalapeno or serrano peppers.


A type of Italian flatbread native to the Romagna region, but you'll find them served all over Italy as street food sandwiches,filled with a wide range of delicious savory or sweet ingredients

Chicken Schnitzel

This Austrian-German specialty can be prepared with a variety of meats and is commonly served as a street food in sandwich form. 


Traditionally made with lamb meat that's roasted on a vertical rotisserie, they can also come with chicken, beef, turkey or veal.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

The secret in the seasoning, which is made with a mix of spices and hot scotch bonnet chillies before being combined with marinade ingredients to infused the chicken with flavor.