Worst Foods For Your Heart, Say Doctors


Although these itty-bitty flower buds contain next to no calories, they can crank up the sodium level of your bagel and lox or grilled dish fast. 

Fruit-flavored yogurt

A better choice is to buy plain Greek yogurt and mix it with your own fresh or frozen unsweetened fruit," Fisher says. "The fruit will supply fiber


 “Most granola is packed with sugar and calories and deficient in essential nutrients and fiber. The better choice is oats or a low-sugar, whole-grain cereal,” Fisher says.

Fancy coffee drinks

If that’s not enough to shock you, think about this: a grande blended frappuccino may provide more carbohydrates than 4 ½ pieces of bread, without the fiber or any nutritional value

Coffee creamer

“They might contain trans fat or hydrogenated oil which increases the risk of developing plaque in the heart's arteries,” Rivera says. Plus, some fat-free versions as 65 calories


Butter isn’t so bad after all. A 2016 review in PLOS One found very little links between butter consumption and heart disease. Instead, margarine appears to be more of a villain


Danishes, donuts and other bakery goodies are not only high in fat, sugar and white flour, but they also may be transporting trans fats into your bloodstream.

Crescent rolls

 "If you see hydrogenated oil, there's a small amount of hidden trans fat," that can add up quickly after multiple rolls. "Sticking to one portion is an option, but why risk it?"

Certain frozen entrees

Flip over the package and study up on the sodium content. Take note of how much you’ll actually eat, not how much is in each serving.

Store-bought energy bars

“Read the labels and avoid highly processed options. Go for granola or energy bars that contain less than five grams of sugar per serving,”