Worst Foods For High Blood Pressure

1. Breads and rolls

Look at the nutrition facts on a loaf of your favorite sliced bread. You'll see it contains about 100 to 200 milligrams (mg) of sodium, which isn't a ton.But we eat a lot of bread.

2. Pizza

Bread, cheese, tomato sauce all contain copious amounts of sodium. Things get super salty when you start adding all the toppings like pepperoni, extra cheese, canned mushrooms, and artichokes.

3. Sandwiches (and other fast food)

Most sub sandwiches, fast-food hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and even veggie wraps are loaded with high blood pressure-boosting salt.

4. Cold cuts (and other cured meats)

cold cuts are the fourth-largest contributors of sodium in the U.S. diet.Instead, choose uncured meats and low-sodium cold cuts or fresh meats like grilled chicken.

5. Burritos and tacos

Giving up the bi-weekly taco run will go a long way toward limiting your exposure to blood pressure-boosting influx of sodium.

6. Soups

if you stick to the serving size of half a cup, you're getting 890 mg of salt.That's more than half your (recommended) sodium intake with a tiny half-cup serving.

7. Fried foods

Fried foods are bad news for blood pressure. They are typically full of saturated fat and also often pack in the sodium.

8. Pickles

they typically contain more than 700 mg sodium. That's 30% of the recommended daily sodium limit and doesn't include the high-sodium sandwich.

9. Salty snacks

For healthy blood pressure, choose unsalted or reduced-sodium versions most of the time.

10. Canned soups

One can of minestrone soup can have over 1,500 mg sodium, more than the American Heart Association says you should consume in one day.

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