Worst Frozen Foods for Abdominal Fat

1. Microwavable pockets

Microwavable pizza pockets and their microwavable meal pocket cousins rank as some of the worst frozen items out there that build up fat around your gut.

2. Frozen pizza

The refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sodium are all concerns separately, but considering frozen pizza is high in all three makes it something to consume on a rare occurrence.

3. Ice cream

We all love ice cream, but it is full of calories, fat, and added sugar which can increase belly fat and lead to weight gain

4. Frozen noodle soups

These are full of sodium which can increase belly bloat and the noodles contain refined grains which may increase belly fat

5. Smoothie bases

Instead of having real fruits, these mixes are full of sugars, gums, flavorings, and additives," says Harland Adkins, RD at Fast Food Menu Prices.

 "It is better to shop for unsweetened, whole fruits, protein powder, and milk so you can start off your day in a healthy way."

6. Frozen pastas

Just like frozen noodle soups, frozen pasta can undo all of your hard work when it comes to reducing belly fat.

Frozen pasta is full of sodium and fat, which is detrimental for your health in the long term," says Adkins. "Instead, boil your own pasta so you can control what to put in it."

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