Worst Frozen Foods for High Cholesterol

To know which to avoid or limit your intake of, here are some of the frozen foods to look out for. Then, for more healthy tips, be sure to read up

"Frozen pizza is considered to be an ultra-processed food. Intake of ultra-processed foods are linked to increased levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, and a higher risk of heart disease,"

Frozen pizza

They also are usually too low in calories to be considered a meal, yet pack in as much sodium and fat if not more than what a much larger, the wholesome meal would contain."

Light" frozen dinners

"These foods all either contain highly processed grains, refined sugars, processed oils, and often a combination of all three that increase inflammation in the body. 

Fried foods

"Puff pastry is typically made with a large quantity of lard or shortening which is high in saturated and trans fats that can increase bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol 

Puff pastry

"frozen, processed red meat" is one of the worst things you could eat when trying to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Frozen red meat

"Full fat ice cream made with cream is very high in saturated fat which can increase your bad cholesterol,"

Full fat ice cream

"Not only does excess sugar trigger higher LDL and lower HDL levels, [but] it also leads to higher amounts of triglycerides (blood fats that store extra energy),"

Orange chicken