The article contains a brief overview of food in Togo. Among the smallest countries in South Africa is Togo. The Togolese people live along this narrow strip of land along the Gulf of Guinea. More than a third of the nation is ideal for agriculture, and there are several thriving cocoa, coffee, and maize plantations. As well as being deeply rooted in local traditions, Togolese cuisine is influenced by colonial influences from France and Germany. Each meal contains protein and starch, which the Togolese consume two to three times a day. Breakfast in Togo usually consists of fried eggs, cereal, and avocado slices. Breakfast is always accompanied by tea, coffee, or a powdered product called Milo, which resembles Ovaltine.

5 Famous Food In Togo

You might wonder what Togo cuisine looks like, so here are five popular food in Togo: 


Typically served with other dishes, Djenkoume is a traditional Togolese tomato cornmeal fritter. Various ingredients such as crushed garlic, grated ginger, minced onions, red palm oil, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, chicken broth, and cornmeal are all used in making them. After combining the ingredients, the mixture is cooked until it becomes thick and creamy. The dzenkoume fritters are served hot, and it is recommended that they be filled with grilled meat.

Grilled Togo Chicken

There are many chicken and poultry dishes in Togolese cuisine. However, this Grilled Togo Chicken is perhaps the easiest, most straightforward Togolese method of preparing chicken. It is mind-blowing to marinate chicken pieces in a mixture of salt, pepper, cayenne, ginger, garlic, and red palm oil. For this particular type of grilled chicken, red palm oil is the secret to success. With its bold flavor, it makes the dish truly authentic.


Ablo is a Togolese favorite meal accompaniment made from maize (corn) meal. Ablo is usually served with soups, stews, vegetables, and meat dishes, but it can also be eaten as a meal in itself, with dipping sauce. It can be discouraging to begin making ablo, as it takes time and can be as complex as any other African dish. The following recipe simplifies the process massively. Despite this, they will still taste as good as if you spent hours making them! Serve them hot or warm as a side dish, and your family and guests will be delighted!

Gboma Dessi

It is a traditional dish in Tago. You can use beef cheeks for making gboma dessi. It is a sauce. It’s also known as “sauce Feuille” about spinach leaves (Feuilles in French). You can serve this sauce with meat, shrimp, crab, or smoked fish once it’s prepared. Gboma dessi can be used with various sides, such as white rice. However, you can also serve it with ablo or akoumé. Gboma Dessi is a tomato stew featuring lots of green spinach. Fried chicken and beef are also included. Initially, the meat for Gboma Dessi is cooked before it’s seasoned and fried. Such comfort food makes you want to eat more food in togo. 


A tasty meal with your family and friends is best enjoyed with a Togolese Akume. Akume is a traditional Togolese recipe that is enjoyed throughout the year. The main ingredients are maize flour and fermented cassava that make the dish delicious. It is a corn-based food and can be either well-ground wet corn or coarsely ground dry corn. It is very delicious and contains proteins. This delightful corn porridge is made with cornmeal, fermented cassava, and water. There is no need for complicated cooking techniques for this dish. Togo’s staple dish, Akume, is often served with Ademe sauce.

Preparation Method Used For Making Food in Togo 

Togolese cuisine uses various culinary traditions borrowed from its neighbors and developed from its traditional dishes. Togolese cuisine lacks any unique or special preparation method, but we must emphasize that attention to detail is essential. You must use the right amount of spice to revive flavors and color a dish. Also evident in the delicacy of Togo’s words is the variety of vegetables and grains found there. Besides color and proportion, the visual appeal of the plate is also important. Each traditional dish has a specific way of cooking, which is more or less the same throughout the country. Almost all Togolese dishes contain meat, and smoked ham is often part of the delicacy.

I hope you find my article on 5 famous food in Togo helpful.

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