Having a bamboo dumpling steamer in your kitchen arsenal is a no-brainer. If you want to create dim sum at home, these tools are a must-have.

Bamboo dumpling steamer for dumplings has existed for thousands of years with no need for considerable development or alteration at this point in their history. For many years, I saw my grandmother steam food in a Chinese-style bamboo steamer basket.

I’ve compiled a list of the finest bamboo steamers based on my own experience and extensive study so that you may take advantage of this traditional cooking method.

Hot and spicy desires are a clear sign that winter is here. Soups, dumplings, and all things comforting and warm are always on our minds. But, in the end, it’s not practical to order our favorite dumplings every time we have a desire for them. Many of us have already donned the chef’s hat this winter, and many quick dumpling recipes are accessible online.

Because the procedure is so time-consuming, it’s best to use a bamboo dumpling steamer instead of cooking dumplings without one. So, for those who like steaming hot dumplings, grab yourself a steamer and enjoy the most refined winter delicacy every time the cravings strike.

Dumplings will be perfectly made every time if you have the following five steamers:

5 Best Dumpling Steamer 

Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer 

Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer 

Key Features

  • It’s made up of three racks
  • Natural bamboo is used in its.
  • It’s a good way to consume vitamins and minerals.
  • Avoid olive, vegetable, or canola oils fats in your diet.
  • Steam is trapped by the tight-fitting cover, allowing for rapid and easy cooking.
  • A three-tiered bamboo dumpling steamer can steam numerous things simultaneously.

Like other bamboo dumpling steamers on the market, the Hcooker steams food in the same way. However, it offers a few distinct advantages over the others.

It has a 3-tier steamer. However, most comparable items have just two stages. For example, it has a cover made of densely woven bamboo, which keeps the steam within the pot.

You don’t have to purchase additional steamer sets, thanks to this design feature. The three layers may be cumbersome when you’re just cooking a small amount of food, so it’s more convenient to utilize only one or two instead.

The stainless steel bands are another unique feature of this bamboo dumpling steamer. Additionally, they let one layer flow into the next without causing any problems. Small nails might pose a risk when using bamboo steamers with metal rims, which is why we recommend this one. As a result, the nails are likely to corrode in a moist environment.

Last but not least, there is a wide range of sizes to choose from. There are six, eight, ten, and twelve-inch steamers available. Hcooker, on the other hand, offers 13 various sizes of bamboo steamer baskets.

Standard and deep versions are offered for each size, which ranges from 7-inches to 12.2 inches. Although the 13 sizes may seem overkill to some, they will help you locate a pot that will suit you perfectly. For those who don’t have a wok to cook in, this is a great alternative.

Three reusable cotton liners are included with the steamer basket. However, after a few uses, you’ll want to obtain some parchment or cabbage leaves instead of cotton to use instead.


  • Thought-out rims made of stainless steel
  • In comparison to the competition, it has one additional cooking level.
  • Affordably made and generously sized
  • It’s a quality product that looks great.
  • The steamer maintains a consistent and equal stream of steam across the whole stack.
  • Effective, dependable, and simple to use.


  • Expensive in comparison to many other options
  • The size is tiny.
  • When cleaning, be cautious not to get your fingers stuck in the bottom.

JIA Inc. Steamer Set

JIA Inc. Steamer Set

Key Features

  • Ceramic glazed with a fire-retardant glaze is utilized to construct the steamer pot and lid, making it durable, multipurpose, and oven-safe.
  • The perforated terra cotta base and cedarwood wall of the matching cedar wood steamer basket set it apart from similar products.
  • Terra Cotta: a kind of ceramic material.
  • This basket base material is perfect for steam cooking since it absorbs excess moisture and keeps the food from getting soggy.
  • Several international design prizes have been given to this bamboo dumpling steamer, which is elegant and functional.

The JIA Ceramic and bamboo dumpling steamer set is a change from the traditional bamboo steamers that most are familiar with. Even though this is the most expensive option, it comes with a beautiful ceramic pot that you can use for a variety of cooking purposes.

If the steamer basket is not attached, the fireproof ceramic pot can cook rice or other foods. For example, you may prepare a whole dinner out of one pot by using the bottom pot and the steamer basket for different recipes.

The entire ensemble is also beautiful enough to serve as the centerpiece of a dinner party or family dinner.

A distinctive, perforated terracotta foundation is used in the attached bamboo dumpling steamer basket, which has a diameter of 10 inches. Terracotta distributes heat uniformly and can absorb a large amount of moisture, so food is never left lying in a pool of water throughout the cooking process.

Only one steaming tray is included in the package. You can purchase the terracotta foundation steamer baskets separately, but they are pricey. Standard 10-inch bamboo steamer baskets work just as well if you wish to add additional cooking layers.

When you consider the considerable cost, this may not be the best option for many individuals. Although a show-stopping centerpiece, it’s also an excellent present for foodies who appear to have “everything” in the culinary area, so why not use it when you entertain?


  • Exceptionally well-made and designed
  • There is no need for a separate wok or pot.
  • Prepare a variety of meals at once


  • Very costly compared to standard bamboo, Steaming is limited to a single tier.

Prime Home Cute Bamboo Steamer

Prime Home Cute Bamboo Steamer

Key Features

  • There’s a lot of steaming room here, thanks to the dynamic two-tier design.
  • Steaming bamboo is an efficient method.
  • It’s a breeze to follow the instructions.

With a 12-inch diameter, the bamboo steamer from Prime Home Cute is enormous. However, this is a great bamboo dumpling steamer for large, soft dumplings or buns since each layer is 3 inches high.

Due to its 100% organic bamboo construction and non-sticky characters, your food won’t stick to the surface. In addition, the design of the firmware ensures that heat is distributed evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked food.

For free, you get two sets of chopsticks, 50 paper liners, and a tiny sauce dish so that you may recreate the Asian restaurant experience at home.


  • Built a bamboo steamer from scratch
  • When you purchase this product, you get a huge perk.
  • Product of high quality at a reasonable price
  • Outwardly it features an adorable panda design


  • There is a possibility that your kitchen pan will not fit a large size.

How to Use a Dumpling Steamer?

Follow the following steps to operate a dumpling steamer properly:

Step 1: If the steamer is new, soak it in cold water for five minutes before using it.

The bamboo steamer should be rinsed immediately in cold water before the first time it is used. Because of the production process, there may still be traces of oil or odor. You may conduct a brief soak before each use if you like, but it’s not required. While some bamboo steamer basket devotees believe in pre-soaking their baskets every time they cook, others argue unnecessarily. Some people believe that pre-soak improves the basket’s ability to steam and extends its lifespan. 

(The soaking time should not exceed five minutes. Because of its porous nature, bamboo is prone to breaking if exposed to excessive moisture.)

Step 2: Line the basket tiers with leafy greens or parchment paper.

Put everything in a series of stacking layers, allowing steam to rise through the layers and cook everything at once. You may need only one layer or up to three or four layers, depending on your recipe. You can line the bottom of each basket tier with large lettuce or cabbage leaves or parchment paper. 

Alternatively, you may use pre-cut parchment paper circles that are designed to fit standard steamer baskets. Cleanup is a breeze when a liner is used!

Step 3: In a pan, place the steamer and either its lid or the pan’s lid over it.

It’s a good idea to use the woven cover that comes with bamboo steamers in most circumstances. If you’re steaming one basket, you may, if you choose, cover the basket with the pan lid. In some instances, the water will evaporate more slowly if you use the pan’s cover, although this effect is seldom noticeable.

Step 4: Continue steaming the meal as long as you like.

For the most part, it takes 10-15 minutes to cook dumplings (a bamboo steamer specialty! ) thoroughly and 5-10 minutes to thoroughly cook vegetables. So if the meal isn’t ready when you anticipate it, put the lid back on as soon as you reach that point. 

Tenderize the vegetables to your desired doneness in a hot, dry skillet over medium-high heat.

Step 5: If you’re going to cook for more than 10 minutes. 

Make sure the basket is filled with water. You don’t have to worry about the water evaporating if you’re cooking vegetables rapidly. Once the food has cooked for approximately 10 minutes, gently remove it from the pan and make sure the bottom of the pan has at least 2.5 cm (0.98 in) of water in it. Check every five minutes to see whether the basket is still there.

If the water level in the pan falls below the beginning point, top it up with additional water. After that, increase the stove’s heat to medium-low or medium for 2-4 minutes in order to bring the water back to a simmer.

The steamer should be removed from the pan with the use of heat-resistant gloves.

Step 6: Remove the steamer and the food from the heat. 

When the food is done cooking, switch off the burner and remove the steamer from the pan using your heat-resistant gloves. Then, use tongs or chopsticks to move the food from the various stages to a serving dish. 

You may also serve the food directly from the steamer basket layers.

Bottom Line 

When selecting BPA-free high-quality bamboo, look for broad slats for greater steam flow and tighter hand-woven lids for enhanced steam trapping. In addition, models linked with bamboo wick or stainless steel strips are preferable to glue or copper because they are less prone to melting and corrosion. We’ve vetted all of our recommendations to meet these requirements.

In terms of dimension, two 10-inch-diameter stages are standard and will serve most families for many years with careful upkeep. In other words, let your steamer air out for at least two days before storing it, and keep it away from strong aromas like dish soap or a burned base, both of which may soak up odors.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the Dumpling steamer. Next, choose the right one based on your preferences and needs.   

Feel free to comment about your experience making dumplings.  

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