7 Fast-Food Chains with Chicken Sandwiches That Aren’t 100% Chicken: What You Need to Know

Chicken sandwiches are a popular choice at fast-food chains, offering a convenient and delicious meal option. However, not all chicken sandwiches are created equal, and some may contain more than just chicken. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of 7 fast-food chains that offer chicken sandwiches with less than 100% chicken content, shedding light on the additives and fillers that affect their composition.

1. McDonald’s: More Than Just Chicken

While McDonald’s is renowned for its iconic offerings, some of its chicken sandwiches include additives and fillers that lower the overall chicken content. These extenders may impact the pure chicken experience that customers expect.

2. Burger King: Filling the Gap

Burger King’s chicken sandwiches, although flavorful, may incorporate extenders and fillers, reducing the percentage of real chicken in the sandwich. This can affect the taste and texture of the final product.

3. Wendy’s: Quality with Considerations

Wendy’s is known for using high-quality chicken, but some of their chicken sandwiches may contain additional ingredients that affect the chicken content. While the taste remains satisfying, it’s important to be aware of these additives.

4. Subway: Beyond the Basics

Subway’s chicken sandwiches might contain soy protein and other fillers to enhance flavor and texture. While these additions contribute to the overall taste, they impact the purity of the chicken content.

5. KFC: Not Just the Colonel’s Secret

KFC’s chicken sandwiches, while flavorful and crispy, have been found to include textured soy protein in some cases. This addition can change the composition of the sandwich and impact the chicken content.

6. Arby’s: More Than Meets the Eye

Arby’s chicken sandwiches may incorporate additives like soy to enhance taste and juiciness. While these ingredients can contribute to the overall experience, they also decrease the pure chicken percentage.

7. Chick-fil-A: A Mix of Flavor

Chick-fil-A is celebrated for its quality, yet some of their chicken sandwiches are marinated and breaded. While these steps enhance flavor, they also affect the overall chicken content of the sandwich.

As consumers, it’s essential to be aware of the composition of the food we consume. While these fast-food chains offer a variety of chicken sandwiches, not all of them are made with 100% chicken. It’s important to consider your preferences and priorities when choosing your meal, whether you prioritize taste, quality, or the purity of chicken content.


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