This article discusses the benefits of using Staub Perfect Pan in your cooking. The article breaks down the different features of this unique pan and what you can do to get them working for you. Its name speaks for itself. Multitaskers excel at searing, sautéing, browning, steaming, stir-frying, and deep-frying. The angled sides of the pan make stirring easier without spilling – very useful when stir-frying meats and vegetables. It also gives you insight into how this product can get the job done without any difficulties. 

History of Staub Cookware 

During a dormant artillery factory in the Alsace region of France, France’s Francis Staub designed the first casserole, called a cocotte in French. This was the start of Staub cookware. Initially, they carved the molds from wood in the early days of the company. Unlike Le Creuset, they used dark and vibrant colors. The company specializes in cast iron and ceramic cookware for home cooks as well as professionals. Since Zwilling acquired the Staub brand in 2008, Staub cookware is still made in France using the same traditional methods that made the Staub brand so popular. 

Stab 4.5 qt Perfect Pan Quick Review 

STAUB Cast Iron Perfect Pan, 4.5-quart, Cherry

Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit oven safe
  • All stovetops are compatible with the enamel bottom
  • The top is a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Featuring a rough texture that browns beautifully
  • No seasoning required
  • Safe for dishwashers.

Throughout this section, we will take a closer look at various features and aspects of the Stab 4.5 qt perfect pan to determine if it will be an appropriate choice for you. 


When asking about the Stab 4.5 qt perfect pan’s feature that sets it apart from other cookware, you can credit the shape. However, if we talk about the positive sides of the pan, then the first thing is about its Rim. The pan has wide edges, which helps appropriately stir and richly coat your food in sauces and gravy. Alternatively, other standard pans may spill or let your food fall out while cooking. In contrast, this is not true in the case of Staub pan, which allows you to cook without worrying about spills. Still, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind as well. Due to the wok-shaped shape, you have less surface area to sear food than you would with a standard skillet when cooking. The conical base also causes the liquid to pool at the bottom. As a result, the food will cook unevenly. Nevertheless, it can be used to steam food. 


The handle of the Staub pan is somewhat similar to the handles of the traditional wok, which is in the two-loop design. So, if you are considering tossing around while cooking, then this pan is not quite suitable for you. You can, however, use the spatula during the cooking process.

Ergonomic handles are comprehensive and give you an easy grip while you cook when it comes to pros. In addition, it is comfortable to use, even when wearing gloves. In addition to the convenience of carrying it around, the two-loop design makes it easy. The only downside to the handle is that it will get really hot. Therefore, you should always be careful when using the stove or oven.  

Heat Retention 

Because cast iron cookware retains heat best, it’s the best cookware to use. Once it gets hot, it will remain hot. Traditional woks use steel of a very thin gauge. The temperature won’t return to normal once it cools down, even if suitable for a quick sear. Our home range cannot heat it sufficiently. A heavy and thick cast iron wok can be used to get around this problem.

This design can also be used as a serving tray. It will keep food hot on the dining table.


Compared to traditional cast iron, this Domed Glass Lid is a handy alternative. You can observe the cooking process without lifting the lid, sealing in delicious flavors using the see-through glass. The tightly fitting lid keeps moisture and heat in. A downside to glass is that it is fragile, which makes it an unsuitable material. The glass can shatter if it is hit in the wrong way or if subjected to thermal shock.

Wire rack 

It comes with a wire rack, which is interesting enough. These racks are usually used after deep frying foods. Food that has been fried needs to be air-dried to keep the crust from becoming soggy. Although it is neat, it is too small and does not provide much space. It would be better if you used a separate tray to cool it. Furthermore, I bet you will lose it after a couple of months.

Enamel and Durability 

Unlike most metals, cast iron is durable, acid-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the matte black enamel provides optimal conditions for cooking and roasting aromas. In addition to its incredible durability, its enamel offers excellent performance. Of course, there are still some risks of chipping, but it’s still a lot better than the Chinese-made one. Also, the colors are vibrant, making it the ideal serving dish for guests at a dinner party. 

Many customers, however, report that sticking is a significant problem. It can’t develop the same seasoning because it’s not bare cast iron. Despite the fact that you can get away with a stir fry that uses a lot of liquid, noodles are horrendous. They will ruin everything unless they are cooked correctly. You should use a nonstick pan if you want to stir fry noodles.

How to Clean Staub Perfect Pan

Almost any dishwashing liquid and water can be used to clean your Staub perfect pan. Cleaning your Staub product should never be done with scouring agents or abrasive sponges. In order to remove stubborn dirt, we recommend soaking your Staub perfect pan in warm water with a little washing-up liquid until all residues are removed. Let your pot dry completely before storing it. If moisture remains in the pot, it may rust. 


However, each product has pros and cons; we cannot say that it is a perfect choice. But if you are searching for a wok to buy, it would be an excellent option to choose. It is the ultimate multitasker because it can sear, saute, brown, steam, stir-fry, and deep-fry. It is easy to stir meats and vegetables without spilling, thanks to the wide and angled sides. In addition, the vessel retains heat exceptionally well since it is made of cast iron. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on the Staub Perfect Pan 4.5 Qt. Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts regarding the product in the comment section below. 

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