Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: offering Best ugly Product

Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: It is challenging to measure beauty standards, especially in the case of fruits or veggies, such as mango or potatoes. The grocery stores reject fruits or veggies which get spiled or have any perceived defect to sell, and even consumers do not like to buy them. Therefore, misfitted markets and sour foods are the two startup companies that allow ugly food. This post discusses the imperfect foods vs. misfits market in detail to tell you the best service and best choice. Among a list of startups that aim to curb food waste by supplying customers with products that grocery stores reject, these are two of the most prominent. 

What is Ugly Produce?

Throughout Western civilization, food waste is a significant problem, and a large portion of it occurs before food even reaches the consumer’s home. Grocery stores frequently discard produce before selling it because it is unusually large or small, deformed, or simply unattractive. The concept behind ugly produce boxes is that customers can spend less money on less standard products to save money. After all, the food isn’t rotten or damaged; it just didn’t match the aesthetic criteria set by the general public. Therefore it was thrown out. Instead, individuals can get lower-priced Produce delivered directly to their door for a fixed price.

 Each ugly produce service is unique in terms of pricing, presentation, and food selections available. Examine two well-known options, Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods, to evaluate how they stack up against one another in terms of quality and price.

Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market

To properly compare them, we will discuss them according to different categories to find the right choice for yourself. Therefore to see imperfect foods vs misfits market. Consequently, you have to read the following paragraph carefully. 

1. Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: What They Offer 

Misfits Market

As well as organic Produce, Misfits Market also provides items sourced from “hand-picked farms and food hubs across the Americas.” It is based in Philadelphia and was established in 2018. Purchasing additional products such as snacks and beverages or pantry staples and other items is also an option. Visit Misfits Market’s website to understand better the varieties and diversity of food they have available at any particular time of year.

Imperfect Foods

This San Francisco-based firm, better understood rounded in 2015, was one of the early adopters of theugly produce” market. It offers a more enormous variety of grocery items than Misfits Market, including meat and seafood, a diverse selection of plant-based foods, eggs, and Dairy, as well as household and beauty products and other necessities. Imperfect Foods, in contrast to Misfits Market, does not exclusively sell organic Produce. According to the firm’s FAQs section, the majority of its Produce comes from California, which also happens to be the region where “80 percent of the fresh produce in the United States is cultivated,” according to the company.

2. Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: How to Sign Up and What it Costs

Misfits Market 

For the time being, Misfits Market is offering Mischief ($22) and Madness ($35) boxes of fruits and veggies, which can be delivered once a week to once every two weeks. Mischief boxes contain a mixture of 12 different types of fruits and vegetables. In contrast, Madness boxes have a variety of 14 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and the quantity in a Madness box is more as well. It is expected that the corporation will change its policy shortly, though the exact date is not yet known. Customers can select their desired delivery day and whether they would want their orders delivered on even or odd weeks via a drop-down menu (if choosing to have biweekly deliveries). Alternatively, you can choose to miss orders at any time and even contribute an order rather than skipping it.

Imperfect Foods

Customers begin their experience at Imperfect Foods by completing a survey. It consists of simple questions such as how many people live with you, your diet preferences, whether you prefer organic or conventional Produce, and so on. You then select your shopping plan, which includes several choices: Common Produce ($22), Plants ($22), Dairy ($22), Snack ($22), Meat ($22), and Grains ($22). Of course, regular Produce is the cheapest option. Optional “add-on packs” range in price from $7 to $10 per shipment, and you can select any or all of them. Purchases from Imperfect Foods are delivered on the day of your choosing, and you can cancel orders at any time. Subscribe to Imperfect Foods by filling out the form on this page.

3. imperfect Foods vs Misfits market: What to Buy at the Grocery Store

Misfits Market 

When we covered this article, Misfits modified the ordering process, offering some customers “early access to a new and improved way to shop at Misfits Market.” We’re confident that this is a policy change introduced for all consumers soon. In addition, it appears that the company is discontinuing its Mischief and Madness box options, which allowed customers to fill their grocery boxes with whatever they wanted (including non-produce items) as long as they met a $30 minimum order requirement. It also appears that if you don’t log on to customize your items, Misfits Market will automatically skip that order, among other things.

 According to the company, “shortly, we will be adding more categories to our offering so that Misfits Market will be your one-stop shop for groceries.” Therefore, you can expect to see an expanded offering that is more competitive with Imperfect Foods soon. More information about these policy changes can be found here.

Imperfect Foods Market

As soon as your window is open, you can log onto the website and select the particular product and food items you desire. Your shopping cart will be pre-filled with things the service has chosen for you, but it is relatively simple to add or remove items you do not want. If you do not make any changes to your order, Imperfect Foods will ship you the items already in your cart when you placed your order.

4. imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: Fees and Delivery 

Misfits Market 

Misfits markets deliver its services to 38 regions, including Washington, D.C. shipping is the same for every area that is $5.50

Imperfect Foods 

Imperfect foods offer delivery to most of the West South Central region, Midwest, Northeast, and West Coast. Even though the most recent information provided by the company looks to be a little out of date. As part of this story, groceries, for example, were sent to Colorado, which is not currently listed as an available location on the website. “We’re growing at a rapid pace,” according to the company. Imperfect Foods charges a delivery fee ranging from $4.99 to $8.99, depending on the order.

Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: Common Things Between Two

This paragraph will explain the similarities and differences between the misfits market and the wrong foods market in general. To have a better understanding, study the entire essay about imperfect foods vs. the misfits market.

1. Placement of Orders with Both Companies

Both Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market provides clients with a three-day shopping window during which they can select the type of product and any additional items they desire. You’ll receive SMS and email notifications to let you know when that window becomes available, as well as reminder notifications when that window becomes available. Most of the time, the window is from Friday or Saturday to Monday at midday.

2. Quality 

In terms o quality, there can be some problems and issues arising for some individuals. However, the flavor and taste of such vegetables and fruits are acceptable from the misfits market. Along with this, the products received from both companies are fresh and of good quality. No comparable feedback was received about Imperfect Foods, but deliveries from that service also came later (they didn’t begin delivering to my region until April).

3. Forcing Creativity and Attempting New Things

Even if you cannot make your own choices during the shopping window, you may find yourself having to be more creative in the kitchen than you would if you had meticulously selected everything yourself from the supermarket shelves. For example, to produce enough roasted vegetables to feed my entire family, I had to blend several different types of vegetables, including beets, that I’d decided I didn’t care for at some point in my life before. After all, beets aren’t as awful as I thought they would be! In addition, one of my Imperfect Foods deliveries featured two different types of pumpkin, vegetables that I don’t cook very often myself. I’m sure I will soon be experimenting more with these squashes as I roasted both for our Easter dinner.

4. Customer Service

Personally speaking, w do not have a strong connection with the company’s service. However, we are going to share our personal experience of imperfect foods. For example, suppose tour product is delayed by a week. The company will notify you that this product is limited to skateboarding in the mail. However, when you receive your order, you will also receive a postcard and a bouquet of Gerbera daisies as gifts. 

If you cancel the services because of dissatisfaction with both the companies, then a person from imperfect foods will reach out to you to apologize and ask about their flaws in the customer service. This is what makes the imperfect foods touch skies. 

5. Packaging

It is almost entirely compostable, including the materials each company uses in its boxes (even the boxes themselves). Because Imperfect Foods sometimes includes one of those silver bubble thermal envelopes for things — although technically recyclable, it didn’t always seem like it was necessary — we would give the slight edge to Misfits Market in this category (the company announced recently that they would collect and recycle the silver insulated liners and freezer gel packs). Interestingly, while both companies utilize roughly the same-sized boxes, Misfits Market’s shipments make greater use of the available space. Still, one shipment we received from Imperfect Foods could have been shipped in a box half the size or smaller, according to our measurements.

Can Imperfect Foods or Misfits Market Save You Money?

Saving money, indeed not the only or primary reason to shop groceries from imperfect foods or misfits market. However, it is good we o save you some amount of income by purchasing Produce from imperfect foods and misfits market. Both the companies say that they are cheaper than other grocery stores, but is it true or not. According to my perspective, these companies are slightly less expensive than local grocery stores. Therefore, you must go for imperfect foods or misfits markets to buy veggies, fruits, and other grocery products to save some money. You can save up to $7.50 on each order. 

Besides, when you order more, remember to order accurate items carefully. For example, you will save more of your income when you order meat or fish at a pocket-friendly price. 

Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: Things to Avoid While Ordering From Ugly Market

Our experience has taught us that ordering unusual Produce online is not always a wise idea. When purchasing from an ugly produce box delivery service, we advise that you avoid getting the following items:

  • Avocados: we’ve never had luck ordering avocados online. Either they’re too mushy, or they’re so hard they never ripen.
  • Cantaloupes: everyone’s 2nd favorite orange gourd have turned out to be a little mushy or spoiled the two times we’ve ordered them – luckily, Imperfect Food credited our account the next day.
  • Tomatoes: our ugly produce order has provided us with bland tomatoes. They haven’t been bad, just tasteless.
  • Berries: we recommend waiting until it’s not berry season to buy them at the grocery store, as they are often on sale!

Imperfect Foods vs Misfits Market: a Clear Distinguish 

The base of imperfect foods vs misfits marketMisfit markets Imperfect foods
Box Prices$30 per box (varies according to what you add)Small: $11-13Medium : $14-16Large: $20-22XL: $25-27
Coupon codeHoliday21 for $7.50 off your first box$25 off first 3 order
Box SizesYour choice of filling determines the size of the box.Small: 7-9 lbsMedium: 11-14 lbsLarge: 17-19 lbsXL: 23-25 lbs
Is it your choice what’s in it?
Cost per pound on averageN/A$1.5/lb for small box$1.2/lb for medium box$1.17/lb for a large box$1.08/lb for large box
ProductsAll organic stuffProduce (fruits and vegetables)Select pantry items (like snacks)Meat, seafood, and plant-based meat.Some organic, some conventional produce (fruits and vegetables)MeatDairyGrainsPantry items select household/beauty
Quantity per ItemYou will decide.Your box will automatically fill with quantities. You can also modify any item quantities.
Shipping$5.50 Flat Rate$4.99-$8.99 Free Delivery for Orders $65+ (Limited Time)
Delivery DetailsYour box will be delivered on whichever day you chooseAutomatically, a delivery day will be determined
Website Misfits market Imperfect foods


We established a solid connection to both companies. In the case that we had to select between the two, we’d probably go with Misfits Market. If we do imperfect foods vs misfits market, then the misfit market would be better because it provides bi-weekly delivery. it will automatically skip deliveries if we don’t get around to placing an order during the shopping window and only sells organic food. When choosing between the two options, your personal preference and the policies and selection of each company must be taken into account. With either of these options, you really can’t go wrong if you don’t mind less than classically gorgeous Produce.

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